Bash some heads together

While you might not be able to influence the Brexit negotiations you can at least get some relief by knocking some sense into our politicans Phonkers style! Pit Remainers against Brexiteers to see who comes out on phonking top.

Each player takes it in turn to strike the other player virtually - refer to Schedule 7, Part 1, Paragraph 14, sub-paragraph 2 part (a) for further detail - to cause as much damage as possible.

It's about rules...

It's about red-lines...

It's about keeping your cards close to your chest (errr...?)

And it's about winning (or at least coming to a sensible decision).

Because if you lose – you (and the whole country) are phonked!

Let Brexit Battle Commence

In a nutshell, it's Conkers on your phone

(without the nut shell)

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